Wire-To-Wire Performance Program

When you join OC Communications, you’ll get the best training in the business. We call it the Wire-To-Wire Performance Program.

It starts with the best technical training—many of our trainers earned their stripes at some of the biggest-name cable companies—and goes well beyond that. When new technologies emerge, we keep you trained. When our clients adopt new protocols, we’ll put you in the same classroom as their own employees.

We recognize that every OCC team member represents our entire company, whether in a consumer household, behind the wheel of a truck, or on the phone. So our Wire-To-Wire Performance Program also encompasses the vital soft skills you need for optimal client engagement and a superior customer experience.

There are other parts of the Wire-To-Wire Performance Program that our clients never see, but they are just as important to us—and to you. Things like helping our employees to lead better and more fulfilling lives. Assisting with issues such as financial literacy. Promoting a strong sense of family and community. Because for us and our team, it’s not just a job. It’s a way of life.